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10 Psych Studies That Will Change What You Think You Know About Yourself
The 15 Worst Logos
Sex and Death Among the Ice Cubes: Subliminal Messages in Advertising
Subliminal Manipulation
Subliminal Advertising: Links
Words Change Your Brain
Thugs Indoctrinate Toddler
NEW: Toddlers Are Already Pros With Tablets And Smartphones
Disney Is Ruining My Kid
How the CIA Turned Modern Art into a Cold War Arsenal
How the CIA Made Google Skynet
NEW: PENTAGON SAYS: Our conventional forces are ineffective in the grim MEGACITIES of the future
Film as Propaganda
How Gadgets Ruin Relationships and Corrupt Emotions
World in 2000 as Predicted in 1910
The Return of the Hidden Persuaders
Hypnotizing slackers for Starbucks
Why is Madison Avenue gripped by insanity?
Rich People Just Care Less
Which Professions have the Most Psycholpaths?
"I see dumb people"
US Adults Dumber Than the Average Human
US Adults Are Not As Smart As Most Other People On Earth
Aestheticization of Violence
Media Violence Information
Media Violence Research
I Sold Too Many Copies of GTA V to Parents Who Don't Care
Killology: Desensitizing the Mind to Violence
Violence Desensitization From Video Games
Does Media Violence Desensitize Us to the Real Thing?
Violent Video Games Kill Self Control And Increase Unethical Behavior
Drone War: It's Not A Video Game
Harvey Weinstein's Views on Movie Violence
Do Depraved Thoughts Make You More Creative?
Do Depraved Thoughts Make You More Creative - Source Study
Oreos: As Addictive as Drugs
high-fat/ high-sugar foods stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do
Scoring Drugs
Alcohol Advertising Speaks for Itself
Ads Frame our Cultural Reality and Define Gender and Race
How Ads Change Us by Changing the Cuture
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