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Facebook Knows When Young People Feel Worthless and Tells Advertisers When They Do


SEXISM in Videogames!

YSL - Porn Chic

Can't Put Down Your Device? That's by Design

Your Smartphone is making you hallucinate!

Facebook Secretely Testing App Adddiction
The World's First HUMAN/CYBORG artist!
Artificial Intelligence - Fear it!
DESIGNING a Better America


The System That Makes You Feel All Alone
Living In an Unreal World
Billboard Vibes
TV - How Low Can It Go?
Who Owns the Media? - Info
6 Corporations That Control Your Perception
10 Corporations that Control Things We Buy
Illustrations Depict the Absurdity and Brutality of Modern Life
Obedience to Corporate-State Authority Makes Consumer Society Increasingly Dangerous
The Trauma of Violent News on the Internet
Beyond Neuromarketing
Mary Poppins star Dick Van Dyke slams modern screen violence
The Sexy Lie
Celebrities vs Photoshop
Objectification of Women in Media
The Objectification and Dismemberment of Women in the Media
Female aggression- A Cold War Fought by Women
YouTube Search: Mass Media influence on Society
Google Search: Mass Media Influence on Society
How the US crushes Youth Resistance
Lewd Pop Stars and Porn Culture
Does Money Make You Mean?
American Psychosis
America the Vulgar
Porn on the Brain - Video
Porn on the Brain - Review
Letter to Miley Cyrus from Sinead O'Connor
Miley Cyrus/andherdeadpetz
Anorexic Fashion Models
Meet the Real-Life Barbie Doll
Celebrities without Makeup
Challenging Current notions of Beauty
Thin Privilege
Can Disability be Seen as Sexy?
The Gallery of Graphic Design Facebook Page
The Gallery of Graphic Design Web Site
Video Game Study: Objectification of Women
Computerizing People
Why Online Games Make Players Act Like Psychos
Video Game Controversies
Video Game Violence
GTA V - Torture Scene
Here's what makes torture in video games worse than on TV
Demonoid Phenomenon
Subconscious Conditioning and the Placebo Effect
Media Saturation and Your Health
Brain Wiring and Digital Market Trends
15 Examples of Neuromarketing in Action!
How the Color Red Influences our Behavior
Speed of intra-brain communications supports Subliminal Perception
Subliminal Perception Research
Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior
58 Cognitive Biases That Screw Up Everything We Do
Caffeine Makes Us Easier to Persuade
artificial consciousness
Subliminal Perception Studies: History, Psychology, and Examples
Investigating the Possibility (and Plausibility) of Subliminal Persuasion
Progressive Awareness Research
Subliminal sights educate brain
Brands on the Brain
Subliminal Advertising
"the society of the spectacle" guy de bord
Subliminal Advertising and the Law
Studies of the Mass Mediums
Critical Media Studies Resources
Marshall McLuhan Links
"Television Addiction is no Mere Metaphor", Scientific American
"The Disconnect Between Hollywood and America", Pat Sajak
It's an Ad, Ad, Ad ... World
Introductory Notes on Media and Critical Thinking
Additional Media Research

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